Ed discussion is intended for all announcements, general questions about the course, clarifications about assignments, student questions to each other, discussions about the material, and so on.


  • Quizzes (30%): There will be three in-class quizzes.
  • Programming assignments (60%): There will be five programming assignments.
  • Class participation (10%): Students are expected to attend class, actively ask questions and participate in discussions.
  • Grades will be uploaded to Canvas.

Letter grade assignments

  • 100-93%: A
  • 92.99-90%: A-
  • 89.99-87%: B+
  • 86.99-83%: B
  • 82.99-80%: B-
  • 79.99-77%: C+
  • 76.99-73%: C
  • 72.99-70%: C-
  • 69.99-67%: D+
  • 66.99-63%: D
  • 62.99-60.01%: D-
  • 60-0%: F

Programming Assignments

The course will be quite hands-on. We will have five programming assignments. In general, the programming assignments will be done in groups of one or two. Each project will be due 2-3 weeks after it is assigned.

Prior experience has shown that students who begin projects shortly after they are assigned are more likely to succeed. Projects submitted after the day and time they are due will be penalized 10% of the total points of the assignment per day unless you have made prior arrangements with me due to extenuating circumstances.

You should pick your own group members for your projects, but you may use the Ed discussion to find group members. You can just switch group members between projects, but please check with the instructor and TA first (send us a private message via Ed). Completing a project individually requires the instructor’s prior approval.

All code and results you submit must be the original work of your group. Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in accordance with the University of Texas policies and procedures.


There will be three in-class quizzes. The quizzes will be closed-book and notes.

Each quiz will count equally toward the overall quiz grade.

Course Policies

Academic integrity
All material you submit in this course (reading responses, project reports, and presentation materials) must be your own. If you use someone else’s material, you must cite them properly and clarify which parts are your own work. If you are ever in doubt about whether something you intend to submit violates this policy, please get in touch with the instructor before doing so.

Excused absences and late submissions
If, for any reason, you need to miss class or the response deadline, be sure to get in touch with me as soon as possible and at least one week in advance (unless it is an emergency). We will find a way to ensure your class participation and reading response grade won’t be affected.

Services for students with disabilities
The university is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive learning environment consistent with university policy and federal and state law. Please let me know if you experience any barriers to learning so I can work with you to ensure you have equal opportunity to participate fully in this course. If you are a student with a disability or think you may have a disability and need accommodations, please get in touch with Disability and Access (D&A). Please refer to D&A’s website for contact and more information: If you are already registered with D&A, please deliver your Accommodation Please let the instructor know as early as possible in the semester so we can discuss your approved accommodations and needs in this course.

Sharing of course materials is prohibited
No materials used in this class that are produced by the instructor or by students may be shared online or with anyone outside of the class without my written permission. Unauthorized sharing of materials may facilitate cheating. The University is aware of the sites used for sharing materials, and any materials found online that are associated with you or any suspected unauthorized sharing of materials will be reported to Student Conduct and Academic Integrity in the Office of the Dean of Students. These reports can result in the initiation of the student conduct process and include charge(s) for academic misconduct, potentially resulting in sanctions, including a grade impact.